Design and production of machines and technological devices Brno

Design and technical solution of machines

We design machines and devices for various industries, including production thereof and professional supervision in the course of implementation.

Production of technological equipment

Based on complex requirements for the customer we provide manufacture of various technological units - we may design them too or produce them according to supplied drawing documentation.

Machine production

According to various requirements of the investor we provide production of prototypic machines and equipment according to supplied drawing documentation.  In the course of the production itself we are able to participate in the serial workshop execution of the selected solution.

Production of machine parts and equipment

Based on various requirements from the investor we provide manufacture of macine parts and equipment.


Flotsam screening
- small screens
Flotsam screening
- large screens
cesle_male  cesle velke dopravnik-pressal    
Filter Filter II Small machine press    
filtr-inkos filtr_II lis-maly-pressal    
Large machine press Loading trolley Hoisting equipment    
lis-velky-pressal zavazeci_vozik zdvihaci_zarizeni    
Haunting castle  Positioning device Line for paper mills    
hh jih p1080300 dsc01036    
Minaret Prague Zoo filter Vibration presses and
concrete plants
p1080415 p1080061 p1080195    
Hoisting equipment