Production division I

Marston - CZ s.r.o., founded in 2000 with the aim to fulfill a variety of investment requirements, is currently engaged in the following activities:

  • manufacturing of machines, machinery, machine parts and technological equipment (presses, vibropresses, conveyors, filters, flotsam screening, agitators, water treatment plants, gearboxes, bridge cranes, bridge bearings, semi-automatic welding machines, welding lines, saws, frame-saws, etc.)
  • completion of investment units (from the project proposal to project documentation, production documentation, production of machined parts, assembly of parts, surface finish, transportation, assembly and completion of the product on site)
  • steel structure production (from the project and production documentation to the production, surface finish, transportation and installation)
  • metal structure production (staircases, handrails, footbridges, simple structures, bridges, gates and other similar work)
  • metal processing (we offer lathing, milling, boring, cinder machining, metal treatment and other similar works in accordance with the requirements)


Our large premises are equipped with modern technology necessary for the professional solutions of a wide range of requirements. We have been awarded the certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2 standard and the major competency certification according to ČSN 732601 standard.

We have become partners and suppliers of not only construction and engineering companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, but also of state and private entities.